Mountain Biking, Santos Trail Head, Belleview Florida

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Mountain Biking, Santos Trail Head, Belleview Florida

Postby FlyingPenguin » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:11 pm

This is the bike park I ride from. This is part of a series of bike and horse trails that cut through the Florida Greenway, which is a strip of forest that's state owned cutting across Central Florida from coast to coast. In theory, you could hike, bike, or ride a horse from the east to the west coast. There's even a horse/bike bridge that crosses over I-75.

You're in deep wood trails the whole time, with no potable water available except for a few parks that are 10 - 20 miles apart. The trails are extremely well maintained in cooperation with local bike clubs.

There is also now a paved jogging/biking/hiking path that parallels a good portion of the bike trails. I like to bike out on the dirt trails, usually 8 - 10 miles and then return the same distance on the asphalt trail which is a lot easier. Makes it nice on the return trip. It's easy to get careless when you're tired and on the way back. I've slammed into a few trees on the way back in the past. Cracked some ribs one time.

This is a ride I took on 11/30/19. My first try of the GoPro. Not too happy with the quality. I was recording at 1080 and 60fps. I think I will try bumping it up to 4K at 30fps next time. I mounted the GoPro on the top of my helmet, which worked out pretty good. I also have a mount on the handlebars I may try next time.

And yeah, I sped the video up 2x, to make it more interesting.

Make sure you bump it up to 1080p. The compression at lower resolutions makes it look muddier.

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