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Nvidia G-Sync vs. AMD FreeSync: Which Monitors Perform Better? - Tom's Hardware

Postby FlyingPenguin » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:13 pm

Interesting, but it makes sense. If you have a fast enough card to sustain 100fps then G-Sync isn't as much of a benefit because image tearing is unnoticeable, and you do pay a premium for a G-Sync monitor.

Trouble is, not everyone can afford a top of the line card (although one can argue that the extra money for the G-Sync monitor would pay for the better card).

While I love my G-Sync monitor, I think if I was buying a new monitor/card right now I would just pay through the nose for the best card I can afford and configure my games to sustain 100fps, and leave vsync off.


When we first conceived this experiment, we expected the result to swing in favor of the G-Sync monitor. G-Sync monitors usually have more features and perform a little better in our color and contrast tests. We hypothesized that while you’re paying a premium for G-Sync, those monitors perform slightly better in other areas related to image quality.

Our testing of the AOC Agon AG241QG and AG241QX proved that theory wrong. Obviously, the FreeSync-based QX is superior in every way except for its maximum refresh rate. But why would one give up contrast and spend an extra $300 just to gain 21Hz that you can’t actually see when playing? Clearly, the AG241QX is the better choice.

But we cannot stress enough the importance of your graphics card. Regardless of whether you choose Nvidia or AMD, buy as much processing power as you can afford. There is nothing that impacts the gaming experience more than frame rate. Your favorite games won’t be enjoyable if you can only pay at 30 or 40 fps, or at low detail levels. Ultimately, frame tears are less and less noticeable at higher frame rates. If you can sustain over 100 fps, tearing is almost impossible to see, even when G-Sync or FreeSync is not being used.

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