Zippy EL-715 Indiglo KB

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Zippy EL-715 Indiglo KB

Postby blade » Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:57 pm

Here is the newest lighted keyboard from Zippy, full sized and with a numpad:


The first one is much easier to see in the dark, though perhaps too small for some since it has no number pad:


If it was lighted exactly as the first Zippy, this would be premo. Not sure why they changed it but now it looks more like the Eluminx version. Though you can still see this one much better in the dark than any non lighted keyboard.

And once you get use to using a lighted keyboard, it's very difficult to use a regular non lighted one again. It spoils your eyes. :d Plus they are darn cool. :cool :
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Hey! Hey!

Postby eGoCeNTRoNiX » Thu Nov 20, 2003 2:53 pm

They listened to me! They made the caps lock / scroll lock / num lock LEDs BLUE!!! YAY!!! lol.. You gonna give me the old one blade? lol.. j/j ;) Nice review! eGo
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Postby The_Wizard_of_OZ » Sat Jul 08, 2006 11:09 pm

I have a Zippy El-715 which is about 1 year old. Recentley it started flickering... anyone have any ideas as to why? It is plugged into the USB directly on my PC. I have also tried plugging it into the powered USB hub I have. It still flickers.
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