Return to an old favorite: XCom 2

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Return to an old favorite: XCom 2

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After reading an article about OpenXcom, which is a reverse engineered source port of the original 1994 XCom UFO Defense, but ported to Windows with modern display support, I downloaded it hoping to relive some old memories. Then I discovered that much as I was obsessed with the game back in the day, it's UI is horrible.

So I dusted off the newer 2016 XCom2 which I haven't played in 8 years. I originally had 80 hours into the game, but had forgotten a lot about it. Been fun replaying it, especially with the "Chen's last gift" DLC, which adds a side mission that gives you a robotic soldier to add to your squad, which makes the early game slightly less brutal.

It's still a hard game, even on easy, but after a few hours I got into the groove of the tactics that work best again (flanking maneuvers and putting your snipers on high ground). Spent most of the last two days playing it. Still one of the best turn based combat games.

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