how long is a to long vacation ?

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how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by reno »

we just got back from spending 40 days on the road . wife ,2 dog and me in are car traveling from Florida to Michigan . we made a day trip (6-7 hours) to london ,ont. canada , we also made a day stop /sleep over in O'fallon,Ill on the way home to see a friend in hospice :( .
we went all over michigan zig - zagging . seeing friend and family and site seeing . we spent a large part of the time staying in hotel's and 10 days in a
rustic cottage in the woods in .(more like a hunting cabin ) it had a window air unit and could of sleep 8 to 10 people in Manistee,michigan area . only got 4 days of rain the whole trip. one was a all day hard rain were 10 plus inch fall . we were at the cabin when it hit. we also spent a week at wife sister house in a spare room in her basement. don't get me had a good time this trip . but the wife and I both agree 40 day or even 30 days was to much vacation time living out of A suitcase . driving around and being in assortment of hotel rooms . ( we went places and we did things it just was to long a vacation in one time space )

how do feel about long vacation - ???????
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by normalicy »

I've found that 2 weeks is about all I can handle.
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by Losbot »

I'd say 2 weeks is about what I could take before I just get tired of not having the comforts of home. Depends on where I'm staying. I hate working off of iPads or laptops.
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by psypher »

If I'm in a single place, 1 weeks is about it before I start itching to go home. With the exception of Vegas, that's like 2-3 days tops because the number of hours up = about a week hehe. But, on road trip vacations, I can go longer due to not really being in one single place for too long. Our last trip was 10 days driving from Portland down the PCH to San Francisco and that trip was amazing. I actually wished it was longer. One thing that really helped was breaking the driving up with places to stop along the way so I was never driving long stretches. I think the longest was like 4-5 hours, but that was right before getting into our last stop and we had dinner in between.
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by Err »

My ideal vacation is being at home. However, I'm not opposed to traveling as long it's not tourist crap. I need a vacation. I only take a few days off here and there with an occasional long weekend.

There's nothing wrong with a long vacation if you can swing it.
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by Pugsley »

I take a bunch of mini vacations. I go on a few weekend speeder trips a year. A few off road trips. Pinball Expo for 5 days and a Model Railroad convention for 2 days up in Milwaukee.
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by Executioner »

3 weeks for me. Wife and I drove from Southern CA to Chicago to see my son graduate from the Navy back in 2006. While driving to Chicago, we stopped at many states between our destination to check out the area. Lost of great places to see when taking a trip in the US. After 3 weeks, I wish I had another week or two after the trip.
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Re: how long is a to long vacation ?

Post by darcy »

Wow,, that was some trip! :)
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